The object of this section is to provide a definitive set of statistics of the first 24 marathons. Occasional changes of practice and incompleteness of records mean that there are a few inconsistencies, but this is the best compilation we can do. All the data is taken from RAA!. See the notes below.

The Tanners Marathon

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Certificates = Number of people awarded a certificate for completing 30 miles within the time limit.

Finishers = Number of people entering and completing the 30 mile Tanners Marathon, in any time

Completions = Number of people completing the 30 mile course, in any time.

[Normaly, Certificates = 30 mile finishers before 1900 hrs.; Finishers = All 30 mile finishers; Completions = All 30 and 50 mile finishers.]

1960/61 - Entries not recorded
1964 - starters not recorded. 392 is my estimate based on Starters : Entries ratios for previous two and following two years.
1965 - Starters 538 is RAA! estimate
1969 - First 50, when 30 loop was completed first. Certificated include 75 who entered 50 miles, completed 30 in under 10 hours but eventually retired. Completions include 79 retirements and 46 finishers of the 50.
1979 - First runners' start (at 11.00 hrs.). Certificates include 8/10 runners who completed after 1900 hrs but in less than 10 hours. Subsequently, runners taking more than 8 hours have not been awarded certificates.

The Tanners Fifty

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1969 - 30 loop was completed first, 79 completed the 30 but retired from the 50.