A Tanners Saga

In Nineteen Sixty so I am told
Fifty walkers strong and bold
Strode away from Tanners Hatch
"Thirty miles, why whats's the catch!"
Ten hours later back they came
Blistered, thirsty, tired and lame.
But very soon a year had run
"Do you remember?" "Was such fun."
"Ten hours we ran without a break!"
"Not a blister! Piece of cake!"
"So let us do the same again".
We did, and through pouring rain.
Our parents said you're not that dense,
And age will bring some common sense.
But strange to say this was not so
And soon the oldies had a go.
Now every year they come in droves -
Old and young, the weirdest coves.
So now in 1984
A thousand will return for more
There's Pete and Ben and Fred and Bill
And Ann and Fran and Nan and Jill
And Di and John and good old Chris
And that gossip I would rather miss!
Each year's compared with Tanners past
"Hotter", "Wetter", "not so fast!"
History gets a rosy glow
For fatties, breathless rather slow!
We look towards the century's turn
So much fun, still more to learn.
As Tanners silver glows to gold
Hearts which once were strong and bold
Will join with youth across the years
With laughter, friendship, sometimes tears.
And to the question - Why its done?
Reply we walk because its fun!

Elizabeth Pamplin