The Warden's View

Ever since I have been at Tanners the Marathon has played a special part in our year as people talk about past and present marathons all year round, and come back and walk parts of the route o their own during the year. It is a time when you meet people on an annual visit, watch people get older/fitter!

The atmosphere at the hostel Marathon weekend takes on a new feeling of hustle and bustle, a marvellous spirit of sportsmanship, of giving and taking chatter. The helpers at the end of the day all want to either do the walk the following year or never walk a marathon.

The 10 mile walk has perhaps brought more enjoyment than anything else introducing people and dogs to long walks with old, young, groups, families coming along and thoroughly enjoying themselves. I hope that the 10 will continue for another 25 years.

Well done to Alan and his friends who thought up Tanners 25 years ago and may more people start their challenge walks with Tanners. Good walking.

Graham Peddie