A Tanners Memory

One memory of an early Marathon which will always be with me, and which sums up for me the spirit of the Tanners, was of a small 5 ft. waif of a girl, dressed all in white, in the middle of a group of Police Cadets. I think she had started with her father who had dropped out at bout 12 and half miles and as this happened at a checkpoint she had waited for someone else to walk with. Eight 6 ft. young men dressed in grey denim were, from her point of view, just what she was looking for.

Well they were in charge for the next few miles lifting her over stiles, etc. but by about 20 miles they started to flag so she took over. She cajole them coaxed them, she bossed them and bullied them together until the 27 miles checkpoint and it was only then that she let two drop back.

The picture is still clear of a tiny young girl in white leading six large lads in grey just within the 10 hours.

Jim Chaplin

Jim and Jean Chaplin are wardens of Ivinghoe Youth Hostel. Jean was warden and Jim unpaid helper at Tanners during the years it started at the hostel.