Tanners Routes

Originally I planned o produce a summary of all previous routes but it soon became obvious that to do so in sufficient detail to be of interest would nearly fill the booklet. AS numbers have grown and roads become busier some footpaths over agricultural land and stiles - at least over the early part where the cause queues to form, are avoided. So to are are several A24 and A25 crossings. Despite these restrictions Tanners walkers have climbed every hill in the area and trid every possible ascent of the North Downs. Indeed no two routes have been identical and I am sure this variety that attracts many people back year after year. The 25th route goes over Pitch Hill, Holbury and Leith Hills as did the first one and also crosses the A25 at Wotton Hatch to climb straight up the downs as the original route did.

Barbara Blatchford