Blatchford Down

After Alan's sudden death a committee was quickly formed from amongst his friends, chosen to represent different interests and to collect donations for a suitable memorial. Andrew Young, Chris Steer and Elizabeth Pamplin were amongst its members and I think we were all overwhelmed by the response. After considering several possibilities the money was given to the National Trust to clear and fence, for sheep grazing, an area of downland to be called Blatchfod Down. The 25th walk passes across it and there could be no better tribute than this. It is an area which Alan loved, along a range of hills up which walkers on the oldest annual challenge walk in mainland Britain have toiled for the past 25 years.

Outside Tanners Hatch Youth Hostel there is a memorial seat donated by the LDWA on which many a weary Marathon walker has rested

Barbara Blatchford

and proof of that - a photo from the 2005 event